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Axokine Weight Loss Drug Information
Bypasses Leptin Satiety Control in Brain to Reduce Appetite
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Axokine Weight Loss Drug

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Axokine is a brand new drug with hopes of being a totally different kind of weight-loss drug. It's a man-made chemical that mimics a chemical the brain makes to protect itself from injury. It was designed as a possible treatment for Lou Gehrig's disease. But when researchers gave the experimental drug to patients, they lost weight.

Axokine Weight Loss Drug Affects Leptin

Later experiments showed why. The drug affects a powerful brain system called the leptin pathway. Leptin is a chemical messenger that tells you when you've had enough to eat. Obese people have leptin resistance; they lose the ability to know when they're full. Axokine apparently bypasses this resistance and flips the fullness switch.

Axokine Weight Loss Drug - Study

Mark P. Ettinger of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. in Tarrytown, N.Y., and colleagues performed the first study of Axokine's role as a weight-loss drug in obese people.

They put 173 of these volunteers on a low-calorie diet. Some got fake placebo injections. Others got various injection doses of Axokine. The study was funded by Axokine's manufacturer, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

After 12 weeks, those on the diet alone gained about a fifth of a pound. Those getting what turned out to be the best dose of Axokine lost an average of nine pounds.

Axokine Weight Loss Drug - No Immediate Weight Gain

Perhaps the best news came in the year-long period after treatment. There was no immediate weight gain when drug treatment stopped. After about a year, patients treated with Axokine started to gain some weight.

Axokine Weight Loss Drug - Side Effects

There was a high rate of side effects reported for both the weight-loss drug Axokine and placebo. Side effects that appeared linked to Axokine treatment included skin reactions at the site of injection, nausea, and increased cough. These last two side effects weren't as much a problem in those who got the best dose of Axokine.

A large, ongoing phase III clinical trial is now delving further into Axokine's role as a safe, weight-loss drug in obese people.

SOURCE: The Journal of the American Medical Association, April 9, 2003.


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