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Co-Enzyme Q10 Weight Loss Supplements
Vitamin Q Raises Energy Levels and May Help to Lose Weight
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Use of Supplement to Improve Energy & Reduce Weight

Co-Enzyme Q10 Weight Loss Supplements

Also known as ubiquinone or simply Vitamin Q, Coenzyme Q10 is a lipid type structure which is found naturally in all human cells and is responsible for the cells energy production. It has long been hailed as being beneficial in raising energy levels, but its effects on weight loss are less known.

Karl Folkers, a bio-chemist has studied Q10 and found it to be low in half of people who are overweight. When people who were low in Q10 were given a supplement they lost more than twice the weight of people who were not low in Q10 given the same supplement. This suggests that if you are low in Q10, you might increase your weight loss by taking it as a supplement.

[Please note: co-enzyme Q10 weight loss supplements are not suitable for anyone with thyroid conditions.]

Co-Enzyme Q10 Weight Loss Supplements - Bottom Line

While some research has suggested that co-enzyme Q10 may assist weight loss, more evidence is needed.


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