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Do Pills & Supplements Boost Metabolism & Burn Body Fat?

Fat Burners - Weight Loss Supplements

"Burn Body Fat!" "Melt Your Fat!" Sounds good, doesn't it?

Especially since many sellers of so-called "fat-burners" and fat-loss supplements claim special knowledge of AMAZING fat-burning foods which miraculously transform our body.

Question 1. Why aren't these amazing weight loss supplements available in every shopping mall?

Question 2. Why aren't the inventors of these fat-burning supplements famous around the world?

Could it be that these "fat-burners" and "amazing fat-burning foods" aren't quite as effective for weight loss as their sellers claim?

Fat-Burners Weight Loss Supplements - Safety Issues

There is considerable evidence that some of the ingredients in these supplements can have adverse health effects. In particular, ephedrine and mahuang (a naturally occurring ephedrine) increase heart rate and blood pressure, and make people feel jumpy and on edge. The first of these two side effects can be particularly dangerous during exercise, especially for people with undiagnosed heart disease. Ephedrine is available in other over-the-counter medications such as decongestants, but in these medications the ephedrine is highly regulated and provided in a safe, small dosage. "Fat burning" supplements are not subject to the same guidelines and regulations, so even if they claim to contain a safe amount of ephedrine, often you cannot be certain of the exact amount that you are getting.

Fat-Burners, Weight Loss Supplements - Lack of Research

One problem with fat burning supplements is the lack of research surrounding them. Because of this, not only do we not know if they are safe, but there is also no solid evidence that they produce weight loss.

Fat-Burners, Weight Loss Supplements - Regulation

Weight loss supplements are less regulated than weight loss drugs. This means, for example, that labels need not contain as precise information as those for weight loss drugs. Also, there is a possibility that the ingredients in these pills may interact with and adversely affect other medications you are taking. If you experience any negative side effects, your doctor has little information to guide you because these drugs have not been sufficiently investigated.

Safer, More Effective Alternative to Fat-Burners

The secret of successful long-term weight loss is well-established: regular, daily physical activity combined with a healthy diet. This guarantees lasting weight loss and a fit, healthy body. Wouldn't it be nice if we could eat a pill to solve our weight problem. Unfortunately, it looks like this is still just a weight loss fantasy.


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