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Natural Weight Loss - How to Lose Weight Naturally
Natural Weight Reduction Caused by Good Diet, Nutrition and Regular Exercise
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Natural Weight Loss

Here is some information about so-called 'natural weight loss'.

  • Weight loss - natural or otherwise - occurs only when we create a calorie-deficit: meaning, when our calorie-intake is lower than our calorie expenditure.
  • Without reducing calories like this, a healthy person will not lose weight. For example, using 'natural' weight loss supplements, or 'natural' herbal weight loss pills is not sufficient unless a calorie-controlled diet is also followed.
  • Physical activity - both to burn extra calories and increase your muscle-fat ratio - is also essential for natural weight loss. According to weight loss surveys, the majority of successful dieters - those who have managed to lose weight (30 pounds +) and avoid weight regain for a year or more - exercise regularly every day.
  • Healthy natural weight loss also requires good diet nutrition. A healthy body is an efficient body, and an efficient body is more likely to lose excess weight than a sluggish unhealthy body. So be sure to eat a balanced diet with foods from all food groups.
  • If you wish to use 'natural' weight loss supplements to help you lose weight, that's fine. But don't imagine that these 'natural' weight loss pills contain magic ingredients that will 'melt away' your fat. The most natural and effective way to lose weight is to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

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